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Why become one of our patients?.


Balder dental clinic has a core of solid and experienced practitioners. Our experience is precisely one of our greatest strengths. We have solved most problems you may have as a patient not just once, but repeatedly. It gives you peace of mind and a predictable result. If we also add that our interest in new techniques, methods and equipment is all-encompassing, you will surely understand that we have a unique combination of experience and curiosity. At us, we do not rest on old results, but always strive to bring ourselves and the profession forward. For the best for you and your teeth.

Early Bird?


We have classes from 07.00

Many people find it difficult to get to the dentist during a busy day. Why not start your day with us?

You save a lot of time, come straight in, no other patients can cause delays etc. Ready for the working day and finished at the dentist when the others start their morning coffee...

If you want to be early, you should book early, these classes go fast... 

All-ceramic crown in one hour!

Is it possible to reduce the number of visits to one when producing all-ceramic crowns and inlays? With modern CAD/CAM technology, this is entirely possible and we are one of the clinics in Østfold with the longest experience in this field.

Avoid unpleasant impressions, annoying temporary ones and take part in the future you too. And best of all, at a price that surpasses  the "old" techniques.

Read more here.


You get an appointment the same day!

Toothache is never okay. As a patient with us, we help you. We turn the day around to help you the same day. None of our patients should need to walk in pain unnecessarily. Call us as early as possible in the morning and we will help you during the day.

With us, there is free parking for all customers right at the door.

Floor-free entrance and no stairs. Forget coins and vending machines. Just

put the car down right by the door and forget about the car and parking attendants while you're with us. Effective and safe for you in a busy everyday life.

If you travel green, there is a bus stop right outside the door and only 4-5 minutes to walk from the bus station in the centre.

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