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Nitrous oxide

Balder dental clinic offers nitrous oxide for dental treatment.

We have long experience of offering nitrous oxide for dental treatment and only good experiences with this aid.

On this page you can read more and find out whether nitrous oxide can be an aid for you

Some information about nitrous oxide

Advantages of nitrous oxide:

  • Suitable for able-bodied patients (ASA group I and II).

  • Age and weight limits: Minimum 2 years and 10 kg.


Why choose nitrous oxide for dental treatment?

  • Treatment of patients with trauma, anxiety or needle phobia.

  • Child-friendly, gives the child autonomy.

  • Reduced processing time.

  • Minimal or no side effects.

  • Independent of anesthetist.

  • Rare complications.

  • Rapid pain-relieving effect on the nervous system.

  • Reduced swallowing and vomiting reflex.

  • Adjustable gas level as required.

  • Rapid elimination from the body; drivable after 1 hour.


Areas of use

Use of nitrous oxide in dental treatments:

  • Restorations

  • Surgery

  • Prophylaxis

  • Treatment of children

  • Endodontics (Root fillings)

  • Suitable for most treatments that require pain relief.


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