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Dental treatment under anesthesia

At Balder dental clinic, we have extensive experience with dental treatment under anaesthesia. We started with this offer in 2004 and have since helped and treated many patients. The indications for dental treatment under anesthesia range from fear of dental treatment, pronounced vomiting, complicating underlying disease, allergies or extensive treatments/procedures. We treat both children, young people and adults under anesthesia.


The team

All anesthesia treatment with us is led by a very experienced anesthesiologist in a team with a very experienced nurse anaesthetist. They both work permanently as anesthetists and nurse anesthetists at Sykehuset Østfold and are very competent in their field.



We provide full anesthesia with intubation and always with anesthesia professionals present for optimal monitoring and safety.

We offer both nasal and oral tubes so that all dental treatment can be done as normal despite the anaesthetic. 

We also have access to digital scanners, which facilitates the treatment process for e.g. impression under anesthesia.


For referrers

If you are making a referral, it is important to have a thorough medical history and preferably a tentative treatment plan. We also accept inquiries from patients directly without a referral. We then first need to carry out a thorough examination and create a treatment plan. 

If you have any questions regarding dental treatment under anesthesia, simply contact us on 69 31 51 00, or book an appointment for an examination and treatment plan/price with a view to dental treatment under anesthesia,

We can also offer a somewhat lighter sedation ("narcosis light") in nitrous oxide. We have offered dental treatment in nitrous oxide since 1998, and have very good experience of how well nitrous oxide works for patients who are reluctant to start dental treatment again.

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