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Electricity, interest, food, property tax  and other costs have risen  violently recently.  Many then think that the dental check-up will have to wait. Unfortunately, it can be very expensive in the long run. We have therefore adapted an offer for those who want to reduce the cost of going to the dentist, but at the same time maintain firm control over their teeth.

Annual check NOK 750

With us, we offer an annual check-up with an examination, 2 X-rays and a possible treatment proposal for NOK 750.  This of course applies to both new and regular patients!

Our best patients are our regulars, so of course our prices apply to all patients, both new and old!

Estimated time consumption approx. 20 min.

State that you want a simple check when ordering.

Beautiful Smile
Smile Check

Annual control. including plastering and cleaning, NOK 1,190

Annual check-up with cleaning and brushing is for those who have a lot of tartar and plaque on their teeth and who want a more comprehensive treatment at the annual check-up. If you have a lot of tartar, this is recommended.

Estimated time consumption approx. 30 min.

If you do not request simple control when ordering, it is this processing that we calculate in terms of time.

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